Why Marketing?

Working as a Senior Marketing Executive is rewarding. However, there are many other positions you can land in the industry. With that said, let's discuss the different positions, what's it like working in marketing and what the salaries are like and what industries rely on marketing professionals.

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Marketing Jobs In Industries

Industries such as the construction, retail, restaurant/food & beverage, legal and even the medical industry rely on marketers. Hundreds of companies in those industries, as well as many others, use professionals to help them grow their companies and bottom lines. For examples, independently owned doctor offices may use a marketer to help them attract new patients, while a large restaurant chain uses them to improve brand awareness and increase their sales.

All sorts of industries hire marketers. As a general rule of thumb, if a company sells a product or service or wants to draw attention to themselves, the chances are they will have a marketing department or have a few marketers on hand to help them.

Positions In Marketing

As previously mentioned, one position is senior marketing executive. An executive is a high level marketer who typically has a team they are in charge of. Then there are entry level positions, as well as mid-level. Many marketers run their own companies or they work as freelancers. Job titles may include social media marketer, product marketing expert, marketing analyst and digital marketer to name a few.

What's It Like Working In Marketing

No two days are 100% alike when you work as a marketer. Sometimes the days will go smoothly, and other times it can be extremely stressful. Depending on where you work, you might work as part of a team or completely alone. Not only that, but they usually work alongside high ranking members of the company.

The hours can be very long, but it really depends on the company you work for. The workload can be a lot too, but the overall environment is exciting because marketing professionals are given a lot of creative freedom.

Marketing Salaries

Entry level marketers have the potential to earn decent money. What you'll be able to earns depends on many factors because some marketers receive a set salary, might receive bonuses, commissions or they may work strictly on commissions. Some marketers easily earn six-figures a year, while others make low five-figures.

Marketers who work for themselves have high income potential because they can find and work with clients. They set their rates and control how they want to perform he work and they set the deadlines, most of the time. It's important to note that marketing is a skill, therefore the better you get at it, the more income potential you'll have. If you want to earn a lot of money in the industry, then learn all you can about it at the entry level and work your way up.

As you can see, many industries rely on marketing professionals and there are various positions you can hold within the industry. Although it can be stressful, working as a marketer can be fun and there is huge income potential.