Coldfusion is for winning…

It’s ‘T’ Time

TIME OUT. While the Sesame Street crowd may identify this as the punishment you get for throwing oatmeal at a playmate, a time out in the computer world occurs when a special signal interrupts a program after it has been idle for a certain amount of time. For example, if you’re called away from your computer while you’re working online, an interrupt occurs automatically and you’ll have to log on again. That’s actually a good thing because it keeps the information from remaining accessible for an extended time. The same is true for other functions that automatically shut off if not in use.

TERMINATOR. If you picture Arnold Schwarzenegger here, reboot your mental image. Actually, this is a component of the last device in a network that signals it is the final link in the chain. In doing this, a terminator keeps signals from reflecting back down the line. You can find terminators on Ethernet networks as well as SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) chains. Terminators come in both external and internal varieties.

THIN CLIENT. This might be a dream come true if you’re an agent for supermodels, but the term really has more meat to it in the computer world. Here it refers to a computer that functions as a terminal where tasks, such as word processing, can be performed through connection to a central server. The server is actually where the appropriate software is stored and the necessary computing functions take place.

TOGGLE. Okay class, this word can be either a verb or a noun. Please use it in a sentence and identify the appropriate parts of speech. As a noun, the word refers to a switch that can be turned on and off. Originally referring to a mechanical switch, it can now also be a virtual button on a computer screen. As a verb, toggle means changing from one setting to another.

THUMBNAIL. No, this isn’t just something to chew on when you’re nervous. Rather, it’s a very small version of a photo or other graphic, or of a document page, that appears on your computer screen. Because it occupies much less space than a full-size image, you can glance at 20 thumbnails of different designs for wedding invitations, select one you like, and then click on it to call up a larger version. This lets your future mother-in-law change her mind six or seven times before you download the final choice. Or you can do the same with document pages to avoid reviewing the entire document.

TOWER. If you’ve bought a new PC recently, chances are it’s a tower model. Featuring a vertical orientation, it offers room to add internal components if you choose to upgrade. The space-saving design also allows heat produced by the computer to escape more readily as it rises. If you ever work so hard your computer catches fire, that’s a towering inferno!

T1. Although it may sound like an army tank, a T1 is really a high-capacity data connection. A T1 line is typically used to connect computer networks. It can carry more data than an ordinary phone line, with a capacity of 1.544 megabits per second. This means, among other things, it can support transmission of video images although not the full-motion variety. For that, much higher capacity T3 lines are needed.

THRASHING. Yes, a good thrashing is just what you deserve if you’ve been using your computer to do the wrong things. But we really don’t want to go there. Instead, the normal reference to thrashing is when your computer keeps sending data back and forth between the hard drive and memory. This usually means your computer’s memory is being strained by having, too many programs running at the same time. A simple fix is just to close some of the programs. If this happens frequently, you might want to add more memory.

Nothing Beats Cold Fusion…

Despite consolidation in the web application server market, choices are not getting any easier for users looking for midtier software platforms. But smaller vendors are looking to ease the pain by making gains in products and feature sets.

With former leaders Kiva Software Corp. and NetDynamics Inc. now the properties of larger companies, four smaller vendors — Allaire Corp., Novera Software Inc., Secant Technologies Inc. and Commence Corp. — are vying to be leaders in offering scalability, EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) support and prebuilt Web applications.cf4

“With the number of products being released, it’s a difficult thing to keep a grasp on what’s out there,” said Brett Stauning, director of technology at Information Management Systems Inc., in St. Paul, Minn. “Some are better at certain things than others. The one you choose is going to depend on the … problem you’re trying to solve.”

Indeed, each vendor has a particular niche to fill. Allaire has enhanced its ColdFusion Application Server 4.0 Enterprise Edition, scheduled to ship in the fall, to manage enterprise applications, with new scalability, clustering, load balancing, failover and state management features.

“The biggest thing in ColdFusion 4.0 is they’re trying to make it easy to scale your application,” said Doug Nottage, director of advanced technologies at Inc., in Irvine, Calif. “We don’t have to do a lot of code redesign to make it happen.”

In addition, new security features include authentication and controls that allow developers to share the same server without having access to each other’s resources. Pricing for the upgrade for Windows NT and Solaris has not been released.

Novera will extend its EJB support this fall in the company’s jBusiness application server, which enables users to manage components from a central console on any workstation on the network. Novera also will add EJB support in the object-to-relational database mapping tool that ships with the server. Pricing is not yet available.

Also on the EJB front, Secant Technologies plans to release Secant Extreme Enterprise Server at the end of this month with enhanced Common Object Request Broker Architecture and EJB features as well as automatic state and session management. The product will run on Windows 95, Windows NT, Solaris, AIX and HP/UX. A version for AS/400 is planned.

Finally, Commence’s latest Allure server comes with 18 prebuilt business applications — including order tracking, customer self-service, customer feedback, product promotion and knowledge base — for small and medium-size businesses. Allure, which shipped last week on NT, Windows 95 and Windows 98 for $9,995, is bundled with a database and a workgroup server.

“The real powerful thing about Allure is it allows you to leverage the data from Commence applications and publish that on the Internet,” Stauning said. “You can use some of the prebuilt applications they have, but like any other software, you’ll probably have to customize it.”

Diagnosing Hard Drive Problems

There are a lot of hard drive recovery firms out there that are willing to help people with hard drive problems. But it is important to remember that they are not all the same. You should not expect that the competence of all hard drive recovery firms is the same. It is crucial to study the background of the firm that you planning to hire. This will take some of your time and energy. But it is better to be certain that they are capable of rebuilding the device.

angerYou want to have the hard drive repaired because of the data that are stored in it. Therefore, it is necessary to check if they can expertly repair the hard drive without putting the data at risk. You may consider the amount of time that the firm has been dedicated to the hard drive recovery business. Firms that have been operating for a long time already can be considered reliable. If the last business has been standing for a long time already, it only means that it has a lot of clients. You should also go through the testimonials of their previous clients. These testimonials can tell a lot about the firm.

What You Should Do With A Broken Hard Drive
There are different circumstances that can provoke hard drive problems. Computer users must be about these so they would know what to do and what to avoid. It is also essential for computer users to be oriented about responding to a hard drive problem correctly. They should not attempt to resolve logical issues by running a recovery program. This could jeopardize the condition of the data that are stored in the hard drive. It is very important to determine the exact cause of the problem before trying out any kind of solution. This should also be observed when it comes to physical issues.

The hard drive must not be touched if there are faulty components. It is suggested to turn off the computer in order to stop the movement of the faulty components. A qualified computer technician must be contacted if the hard drive is malfunctioning. It is crucial to remember that hard drive recovery should be handled by an expert. Computer users should not dismantle and repair the device on their own if they are trained on this kind of situation. It is also very important to repair the hard drive using the right hardware and software in order to prevent further damage.

Hard drive recovery is necessary if you still want to retrieve the data which is stored in the device. The method that will be used to fix the hard drive is dependent on the cause. Logically damaged hard drive can be fixed using specialized hardware and software. It is very important to use the right kind of hardware and software in resolving logical issues to avoid creating more problems.

Logical issues are slightly more delicate than physical issues. If you placed the wrong the replacement part on the device, you can simply remove it. But if you had used the wrong software to resolve logical issues, the data will be jeopardized. You will want to fix the hard drive so you can access to the data that are stored in it. Hence, you have to make certain that the condition of the data will be preserved during the recovery process. If you think that the hard drive is suffering from logical problems, the best way that you can do is to call the best company for recovery. You must run any drive utility when the hard drive is about to fail because this may lead to permanent data loss and serious damage.

Human Error Is A Key RAID Server Defect!

One of the reasons why RAID or the system of Redundant Array of Independent Disks fails is human error. Turning off the computer incorrectly is particularly a culprit in RAID server error. If you wish to switch off the device, do it properly by clicking on the shut down option. Do not just flick on the power button as this will prevent the system from saving your files and closing the applications that you forgot to shut. This rule is very easy to follow. However, many individuals are having a hard time observing this.

dell-poweredge-raidTo fix a broken RAID server, you need to shell out a great deal of effort, time and money. When RAID stops functioning, there is a big possibility that your files will be lost forever. If the damage is big, you may even have to purchase a new hard disk. So in order to prevent this undesirable circumstance from happening, take good care of your computer. Do not abuse it because it also needs to rest to function well. In case signs of RAID server failure are beginning to come out, immediately ask assistance from your trusted RAID repair company. Never attempt to mend it by yourself as only tan expert can truly patch up a ruined RAID server.


I am starting to get annoyed in the way my husband carelessly use our computer. We used to have our own computers until his laptop got damaged. Now, since both our jobs require us to use the computer to prepare reports and researches, I have no choice but to lend him my computer when he needs it. But he uses the computer in a slapdash fashion. I caught him flicking the power button instead of doing the proper way to turn off the computer. He did not know that this practice can lead to problems later on. In fact, a week ago, I had to invite my friend to come over our home to fix broken our RAID server. I think my husband’s practices are the reason why our RAID server broke down. It’s a lesson he has to learn. We almost lost our files because of his negligence. I will talk to him later and ask him to be a little careful to prevent damages to our computer. It’s where our important files are saved and we cannot afford to lose any of it. We also have an issue with our finances and we cannot buy a new hard disk if it gets completely ruined.

Erroneous human intervention is actually one of the causes of RAID server breakdown. If you will notice, there are people who just pat on the power button of their computers when they are done using it. This is definitely not the right way to switch off the computer. You should use the shut down option to allow the device to ready itself for power cut. Let it save its contents and close the applications that you missed to shutter. Assuming that you have also committed this mistake and it actually affected the performance of your Redundant Array of Independent Disk, the first step that you need to take is switch off the device and do not turn it on until you are accompanied by a RAID technician. To successfully fix broken RAID, one has to undergo concentrated trainings and only those employed at established RAID repair companies possess this attribute. You have to carry out a research on which firm offers the best service in terms of RAID repair. Contact the company or pay it a visit to further explain what happened to your disks and for you to learn what needs to be done. Do not forget to inquire on the amount that will be charged to you once the repair has been done.